Day Cab Trucks in Sacramento California

Day Cab Trucks in Sacramento California

At International Machinery, we can help you buy day cab trucks in Sacramento California that can fit all your business needs. Whether if it’s for transport or heavy-duty use, we have inventory units that can serve your fleet.
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Day cab trucks in Sacramento California

Day Cab Trucks for sale in Sacramento California

If you are looking for heavy-duty day cab trucks for sale in Sacramento, California, then you are in the right place. Our inventory of used heavy trucks will provide you everything you’re looking for. We have the best variety of used, work-ready heavy spec trucks that are suitable for owner operators, drivers and fleet owners that are looking for a specialty day cab truck.

International Machinery offers you the best featured day cab trucks that are compatible with any working environment. You can use them for your day shift, and both day/night shifts depending on the type of work. However, most drivers use them for day shifts only. Before going into specifications of day cab trucks, check out our complete inventory of day cab trucks for sale in Sacramento.

Quick Facts About Day Cab Trucks:

Day cab semi-trucks are perfect for short trips; they come in massive sizes and are suitable for highway trips. These trucks do not contain a sleeper cab to let you rest overnight. However, you’ll find the following features in most modern day cabs:

  • Tight turn radius
  • Extra space between the seats for more comfortable driving
  • Telescopic wheel
  • Larger windshield for increased visibility
  • Functional heavy-duty suspension and locking differentials
  • Stationary and sliding 5th wheels
  • Tandem axle and Tri-drive models

With such industry features, day cab trucks are perfect for drivers who work for an enterprise on a daily shift. Moreover, these trucks do not make a lot of noise under pressure, with their energy-absorbing steering features, day cab trucks cut down on cab noise and additional vibration when left idling.

Day Cab Trucks – Design:

Day cabs are specially designed for heavy-duty work; you can use them on your multi trip loads to the work site and are favorable for dump boxes pony trailers and more. Day cabs are typically massive and have a sturdy and reliable design.

Most branded day cabs such as Kenworth, Peterbilt and Western Star allow you to attach a trailer behind them to carry tons of payload from place to place. Generally, these trucks contain an extra 5th wheel that makes it easy for you to attach a trailer.

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