Heavy Haul Tractor in Bakersfield California

Heavy Haul Tractor in Bakersfield California

At International Machinery, we can help you find a heavy haul tractor in Bakersfield California that can fit all your business needs. Whether if it’s for transport or heavy-duty use, we have inventory units that can serve your fleet.
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Heavy haul tractor in Bakersfield California

Heavy Haul Tractor In Bakersfield California

The heavy haul tractor ensures that drivers will easily be able to transfer a lot of heavy material to distant places. Moreover, this heavy-duty truck ensures that there is minimum fuel consumption with solid performance. If you are looking for a solid heavy haul tractor in Bakersfield California, look no further than International Machinery. We have several heavy haul units in our used heavy truck inventory.

Heavy Haul Tractor in Bakersfield California – Features and Benefits

The heavy haul tractor can transfer nearly 120,000 lbs of material from one place to another. The most highlighting features of these work-ready trucks are power and durability. Additionally, the heavy haul tractor truck is packed with appropriate features to offer more mileage and low maintenance costs.

Like most of the other high-end trucks on the market, this class of heavy truck offers low maintenance costs and work site flexibility. Moreover, terrain flexibility and weight distribution are also one of the most important features of heavy haul tractors.

The heavy haul tractor in Bakersfield California contains all the best components that allow you to do heavy-duty work with ease.

Heavy Haul Tractors – Speed and Power:

Heavy haul tractors tend to have additional heavy-duty specs over say day cab trucks in Bakersfield California, since they are meant to work in the toughest environments. The axles, transmission, and the engine collectively allow your truck additional torque and speed and generally higher weight axle ratings than most traditional day cab trucks.

Apart from high horsepower, the heavy haul tractor can produce a higher level of torque. The wheels along with the rear axle configuration allow the truck driver to pull the desired weight.

Most heavy haul tractors in Bakersfield California from International Machinery are typically in tandem axle or tridem axle configurations. Generally we stock heavy spec trucks with a front axle rating from 14,600 LBS to 20,000 LBS and a rear axle weight rating from 46,000 LBS to 69,000 LBS.

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