Kenworth T880 For Sale in Grande Prairie Alberta

Kenworth T880 For Sale in Grande Prairie Alberta

At International Machinery, we can help you find a Kenworth T880 For Sale in Grande Prairie Alberta that can fit all your business needs. Whether if it’s for transport or heavy-duty use, we have inventory units that can serve your fleet.
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Kenworth T880 For Sale in Grande Prairie Alberta

Kenworth T880 For Sale in Grande Prairie, Alberta

The Kenworth T880 stands as a pinnacle of heavy-duty truck engineering by Kenworth, known for its multifaceted capabilities. Now available in Grande Prairie, AB, this truck line includes options such as day cabs and sleeper cabs, catering to a broad range of hauling needs.

Equipped with formidable features like the robust Cummins ISX engine and an efficient cooling system, the T880 is designed for high-demand tasks. Its compatibility with both rear and front-engine Power Take-Offs (PTOs) enhances its utility across various applications.

Kenworth T880 For Sale in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Key Attributes & Advantages of the Kenworth T880 with Cummins Engine:

A standout aspect of the Kenworth T880 is its robust build and thoughtful design, enabling it to support significant loads. The truck’s single axle can bear up to 22,000 pounds, while its reinforced twin-steer configuration can handle up to 37,500 pounds, showcasing its impressive capacity and versatility. The T880 model range includes:

  • Kenworth T880 with pusher axles
  • Kenworth T880 featuring front-drive axles
  • Single-axle Kenworth T880
  • Kenworth T880 with tag axles
  • Tri-drive Kenworth T880 variants
  • Tandem axle Kenworth T880

Essential Specifications:

  • The T880’s engines typically deliver around 380 horsepower and 1450 lb-ft of torque, with many heavy spec trucks in our inventory boasting up to 500 horsepower.
  • These diesel-powered trucks can reach speeds up to 75 mph, combining power with speed for efficient operations.

For those considering cost-effective solutions, International Machinery in Grande Prairie, AB, offers an array of used Kenworth T880 trucks. These pre-owned models present an affordable opportunity to acquire a heavy-duty truck without compromising on quality, backed by attractive financing options.

Discover the Kenworth T880 in Grande Prairie, AB

The aerodynamic silhouette of the Kenworth T880 marks a significant evolution from conventional heavy-duty truck designs. Its commanding presence is characterized by a lofty stance and a prominent grille, distinguishing it as a top choice for rigorous tasks. Complementing its bold design, the truck features dual polished exhausts mounted behind the cab, adding to its striking appearance.

In summary, the Kenworth T880 for sale in Grande Prairie, AB, is a versatile and powerful solution for those in need of a reliable heavy-duty truck. With its advanced features, durable construction, and range of configurations, it’s well-suited to meet the diverse demands of the region’s industries. International Machinery’s selection of both new and pre-owned T880 models ensures that there are options to fit various budgets and requirements.

At the forefront of the Kenworth T880’s design are the expansive wheel arches, coupled with dual rectangular light clusters, enhancing visibility and the truck’s commanding presence. A notable feature for enhanced safety and convenience is the two-piece windshield, designed for easy replacement in case of damage. The sloped hood and strategically placed mirrors ensure a comprehensive field of vision, complemented by additional cab windows for unobstructed views all around.

The bumper, constructed from high-grade steel, houses the central front tow hitch, reinforcing the truck’s robust build. The Kenworth T880 in Grande Prairie, AB, comes fully equipped with all standard accessories akin to new models, ensuring it’s ready for immediate deployment. Among the commonly found features in our inventory are battery boxes, toolboxes, fuel tanks, and aesthetic yet functional additions like roof-mounted lamps, beacon lights, and stainless cowl-mounted air cleaners.

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Beyond the Kenworth T880, our inventory in Grande Prairie, AB, includes a wide range of Kenworth models tailored to meet diverse operational needs. Whether you’re looking for the rugged reliability of the Kenworth T800, the versatility of the W900, or the compact efficiency of the T370, we have options to suit every requirement.

Our work-ready Kenworth trucks are designed to seamlessly integrate into your fleet, providing reliable performance and exceptional comfort. For those with specific needs, our team is ready to assist with custom solutions. Explore our extensive Kenworth inventory and discover the perfect truck to elevate your operations in Grande Prairie, AB. Feel free to reach out for personalized assistance; we’re here to help you find the ideal heavy-duty truck.