Peterbilt 389 For Sale in Canada

Peterbilt 389 For Sale in Canada

At International Machinery, we can help you find a Peterbilt 389 for sale in Canada that can fit all your business needs. Whether if it’s for transport or heavy-duty use, we have inventory units that can serve your fleet.
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Peterbilt 389 for sale in Canada

Peterbilt 389 for sale in Canada

Peterbilt 389 is one of the best performing heavy-duty trucks. These are high quality, durable, and powerful trucks known to take on heavy-duty work. Furthermore, these trucks offer great performance and reliable power to deal with dumb and construction waste.

Most importantly, these trucks are suitable for any type of challenging work environment. Looking at the current market demand, International machinery is offering a wide variety of heavy haul trucks to truck drivers who have to work all day and night. If you’re looking for high power trucks, feel free to visit our complete inventory of Peterbilt trucks in Canada.

The 389 model from Peterbilt is an up-gradation to the renowned Peterbilt 367 which is known for offering splendid features and functionality. Like its older version, the Peterbilt 389 for sale in Canada offers more power and consumes less fuel. These trucks rank among economic trucks offering the best fuel efficiency and saving extra business expenses. Peterbilt 389 for sale is, no doubt, a perfect truck that offers durability, solid performance, and reliability.

Peterbilt 389 Design:

The design of Peterbilt 389 is something that makes it stand tall in heavy-duty trucks. The design shows that Peterbilt 389 is a durable truck that offers tons of exciting features with impressive functions like no other. These trucks from Peterbilt are compatible with a large variety of work including logging, construction waste, dump, and other vocational applications.

Looking at the current market trends, International Machinery presents the best quality trucks to its customers and passionate truck drivers who always look for high spec trucks to get their work done easily. The best part about these trucks is that they contain premium quality aluminum material in their construction. The lap seam construction with bulkhead-style is something that makes the real difference. Further, you can expect toughness and roughness. The corrosion resistance feature ensures the durability of this truck.

Most importantly, these trucks rank among the best trucks known for showcasing some real power at low fuel consumption.

The ergonomic design makes this truck unique and design. The highlighting feature includes mounted headlamps which are durable and cost-effective.  The headlamps are also corrosion resistant which means they last longer.

This truck also belongs to the list of economical trucks with spare parts easily available at the lowest rates. You might have noticed that truck spare parts are not easy to buy. Besides this, the halogen bulbs make it easy for drivers to have clear night visibility. The corrosion-resistant bulbs last longer than normal bulbs.

Peterbilt 389 – Cummins ISX Engine:

Let’s come to some technical things. The Cummins ISX engine in Peterbilt 389 for sale in Canada is more than an exception. The engine is meant to offer high power by consuming less amount of fuel. It not only offers fuel efficiency but also known for offering reliable performance like some of its ancestors.

Notably, the Peterbilt 389 for sale is made from high quality but lightweight material. The lightweight material makes this truck economical and durable. Most importantly, everything from material to internal functions works to make this truck reliable. With this truck in your garage, you can have a couple of benefits such as increased uptime, higher resale value, longer service intervals, and low operating cost.

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