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If you’re looking for the best paint job service for your semi-trucks, look no further than International Machinery. We offer the best body paint jobs in the BC area for all types of semi-trucks. We guarantee first-rate jobs with our quality services and our attention to detail in the entire painting process.

Our specialty is to give your beloved rig the professional custom paint and bodywork that it rightfully deserves. We want to make sure that you can show off your semi-truck with pride once it rolls out of our painting bays. We’ll give it a good finish and a lively gloss that can turn heads and stand out from the crowd as it cruises through miles of highway.

High Quality Craftsmanship From Experienced Painters

Automotive painting is an arduous and painstaking task that only a seasoned artisan can accomplish. A paint job on a sedan or a minivan takes up at 40 to 80 hours already. What more with an 18,000-pound semi-truck?

This is why our professional painters at International Machinery have to employ a strict process to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. A quality paint job doesn’t need to be complicated. What do we do? We stick to the basics.

Achieving a beautiful paint job is a step-by-step process. No shortcuts. No cutting corners. We follow all the basic steps from preparation, primer application, blocking, final paint coating, and detail application. It’s a daunting task for anyone, except for our professional painters at International Machinery. We let you in on all the basic steps that we do to show you that quality can’t be rushed.


Before we give your semi-truck a fresh coat of paint, we first clean it inside and out. Old paint is removed through either manual sanding or sandblasting. We cover every surface flaws fillers and remove minor rust spots with sanding boards and glazing compounds.


Once we are done with all the cleaning and the sanding, we then prepare the truck for masking. Through masking, we cover all the parts of the truck that shouldn’t be touched by the paint. This includes all the windows, the lights and reflectors, the window rubbers, the parts and frames made of chrome, the tires, wheels, door handles, windshield wipers, and everything else that doesn’t need paint. The masking process needs a careful inspection of the entire truck as we don’t want to ruin a painting project since high-grade automotive paint doesn’t easily wash off with water or any liquid.


Priming is an important step in providing a good foundation for new paint and achieving a perfect paint job. We use only the best primers in our paint jobs, preferably those that don’t shrink under extreme temperatures and fills gaps and holes on the surface.

Once a primer is applied, we then apply a second coating to act as a sanding guide. The double coats are then further sanded down to a smooth finish to erase dents, then capped off with a sealant for final sanding finish.

Finishing off with the final paint

This is where the real magic happens, where we transform your semi-truck into a showstopper. To finish off your truck painting, we use the best spay guns that we can find in the market to achieve a uniform color. From here, we apply the base paint, the final coat, and the clear coat, all while paying careful attention to detail to avoid unsightly streaks and runs.

We call it the iMach Mission!

Our painters at International Machinery conduct semi-truck paintings with passion and quality. We guarantee a quick turn-around on all our semi-truck painting jobs without compromising customer service, technical expertise, and professionalism.

We handle each customer project with care using the right tools, the right materials, and the right creative mindset.

Our reputation depends on the quality of work that we put in every painting project. You can trust us to produce beautiful results every time you bring in your semi-trucks to our warehouses. Your satisfaction is the lifeblood of our business.

To us, at International Machinery, every project is not just a job, but an opportunity to create wonderful works of art with your trucks as our canvas. This is why we have remained as a seasoned leader in the semi-truck painting industry.

We Do Trucks. Heavy Truck Paint & Body Experts

Our methods are unmatched and our workflow for heavy truck painting and body work is methodical. Every detail along the way is quality-controlled. Our helpful staff is always ready to answer any questions you may have about the process, and keep you informed on the status of your vehicle while in our care.

Talented Staff

Our customer service staff is always here for you to keep you informed on your truck painting project.

Stunning Work

Our portfolio of heavy truck truck painting stands apart in our industry. We proudly stand by our results.

Countless Options

From striking custom work to solid colour options; representing and maintaining your brand is our goal.

Amazing Product

Our iMach Guarantee of complete customer satisfaction means you will absolutely love your paint job.