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In the last 75 years, Peterbilt developed and integrated state-of-the-art technology in their trucks that resulted into bottom-line benefits of efficiency, profitability, and productivity. The company continues to be an industry leader in the design, manufacture and support of commercial trucks, constantly creating technological milestones with sophisticated support systems that minimize downtime.
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Peterbilt  Heavy Truck Technology

Here are some of the many advancements in truck technology from Peterbilt’s 75 year run:

The EPIQ Package

Peterbilt raised the bar of fuel economy and aerodynamic efficiency when they introduced the 579 model. Exclusive to the ground-breaking 579 model is the EPIQ package, a state-of-the-art system that pairs the PACCAR MX-13 engine with the Fuller Advantage Automated Transmission. This marriage of software and machine delivers better fuel economy of up to 14%, coupled with better shifting and reduced weight. At the heart of the EPIQ package is the APEX system which enables the Model 579 to incorporate aerodynamic enhancements using optimized communication technology, allowing optimized fuel consumption regardless of wind drag in any weather or terrain condition.


Peterbilt’s SmartLINQ is a remote diagnostics system that provides streamlined service management and ensures that trucks are running at peak performance. Every Peterbilt truck has SmartLINQ installed to provide maximum uptime and keep deliveries on time.

As a diagnostic software, SmartLINQ can be accessed on a user-friendly, web-based portal or mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. It can provide at-a-glance, diagnostic monitors that can notify a driver of a truck’s current health condition. The notifications come in color-coded diagnostic codes that can provide engine conditions and recommend treatment, allowing truck drivers to make informed decisions during engine failures and structural mishaps.

DPA (Driver Performance Assistant)

Peterbilt’s Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) can turn even the most novice drivers into skilled, efficient, and seasoned operators. This in-dash operator coaching tool provides real-time feedback in areas such as braking, acceleration and shifting, helping improve driving skill and productivity. All Model 579 and 567’ with the PACCAR MX-13 and MX-11 engine comes preinstalled with DPA Advantage automated or manual transmissions, together with the EATON Ultrashift PLUS for manual and automatic transmissions.

DPA uses a reward-based system that coaches drivers and encourages them to improve their scores whenever they are behind the wheel. As the driver’s skill level improves, the frequency of the coaching tips decreases. DPA has helped drivers coast more and use brakes and accelerators with appropriate force, improving fuel economy by 5% and reducing wear and tear on components. Aside from offering driver tips, DPA also integrates itself with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System that alerts the driver to keep the tires inflated. DPA also reminds the driver to use the automated shifting mode if the truck comes with a compatible transmission.


All Peterbilt models, including the sleeper models 579 and 576, also come installed with the SmartAir system, a climate control system that lowers fuel costs and reduces carbon emissions while maximizing comfort. Powered by four heavy duty AGM batteries, SmartAir can keep the interiors cool for up to 10 hours while using 70% less fuel. The efficient design maximizes the under-bunk storage space, and the digital LCD control is accessible from the bunk, allowing easy temperature adjustments of the air conditioner or heaters.

SmartAir is fully integrated with Peterbilt’s sleeper HVAC systems for optimum reliability and cost-efficiency, requiring no scheduled maintenance or onboard diagnostics. Its components include a remote condenser and brushless fan assembly that can be mounted in different places to meet specification requirements. It also comes in a compact, battery-box configuration for greater versatility in chassis configurations.

SmartNav™ Infotainment System

With SmartNav, every valuable tool, technology, and infotainment system are within a truck driver’s reach. This system combines GPS navigation, phone and messaging, fully-integrated sound systems, satellite radio, and smartphones into one, seven-inch, full-color touch screen for easy access and real-time vehicle monitoring. SmartNav also comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and voice recognition for hands-free operation and a customizable display in three languages: English, Spanish, and French Canadian. As of July 2015, SmartNav has been upgraded to include Internet browsing, voice recording, and a four-camera display which can replace the side view and the back view mirrors. It is available in all Peterbilt interiors and also comes pre-installed in all Peterbilt premium interiors.

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