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Peterbilt Used Trucks For Sale

Since 1939, Peterbilt has reigned as America’s premium quality truck manufacturer, offering trucks and sleepers that appeal to a wide range of the industry. With safety components and comfort features that no other trucks can offer, Peterbilt has dedicated itself to delivering products and services that focus on performance and profitability. If you want to add an American legend to your fleet of trucks, (company) is always ready to help you buy a used Peterbilt that can cater to all your company needs.

During the early 20th century, back when logs were hauled down a river or pulled by steam tractors or horse teams, a plywood manufacturer and lumberman named T.A. Peterman from Tacoma, Washington wanted a more efficient way to bring his inventory to his lumber mill. He looked into the budding automobile industry and started rebuilding army surplus trucks, replacing crank started engines with battery-powered ones.

From this desire for innovation and efficiency came the very first Peterbilt truck: the 1939 Peterbilt 334 model. T.A. Peterman bought out Faegol Motors in Oakland, California at the height of the Great Depression in 1938 and started selling his trucks to the public in 1939.

T.A. Peterman’s wife, Ida Peterman, took over Peterbilt upon his death in 1944 and sold the company to seven individuals while retaining ownership of the land. Peterbilt continued to expand into a major producer of heavy-duty trucks until 1958 when Ida decided to sell the land for commercial development. The shareholders decided to sell the company in June 1955 to Pacific Car and Foundry Co. (PACCAR), then known as a manufacturer of railroad freight cars. A year later, PACCAR began construction of a 176,000 square foot facility in Newark, California which Peterbilt eventually moved into on August of 1960.

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