Western Star 4900 For Sale in Saskatoon

Western Star 4900 For Sale in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

At International Machinery, we can help you find a Western Star 4900 for sale in Saskatoon Saskatchewan that can fit all your business needs. Whether if it’s for transport or heavy-duty use, we have inventory units that can serve your fleet.
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Western Star 4900 for sale in Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Western Star 4900 For Sale in Saskatoon Saskatchewan

When looking for Western Star 4900 for sale in Saskatoon, you know that the 4900 is known for offering a higher level of power and versatility. These trucks are available in several versions; therefore, you’ll have many options to pick the best one for you. These trucks allow you to complete your heavy-duty work and other vocational jobs with ease.

Western Star trucks are available in five different configurations, such as day cabs, sleeper cabs, and a couple of others. Apart from these configurations, you’ll have an option to pick any of the set forward axles, conventional steer configurations, double steel, and set back axles configurations.

Following most of the other heavy-duty trucks, these trucks come with Detroit DD16 engines that can generate up to 600 horsepower. Browse our used truck inventory to buy Western Star 4900 trucks at affordable prices.

Western Star 4900 – Design:

Like all of its ancestors, the design of Western Star 4900 is kept conventional. The most important thing is that the manufacture didn’t add fancy designs or fluid lines. These trucks feature a unique and compelling brick style design.

At the front side, you’ll find a robust polished grille, a ling hood with cornered grille having a company’s logo at its center. Similar to a couple of other heavy spec trucks in Saskatoon, these trucks have incredible build quality.

It is convenient to access the engine as these trucks come with fiberglass and tilt that can open up to 90 degrees. There are also vertical exhaust stalks on the front to ensure that the truck’s temperature remains normal.

As a whole, these trucks are a suitable option for those truck drivers who always wonder about buying a sturdy vehicle that can offer reliable performance. Western Star 4900 for sale in Saskatoon construction, features galvanized steel materials to keep the windshield stable.

Interior Features:

The Interior of these trucks is pretty much fantastic as these trucks contain a wide opening door followed by reliable stairs for convenience. The luxurious and comfortable interior design makes these trucks a safe option to consider in tiring work environments. But, the interior design isn’t 100% robust like its counterparts on the market.

The reliable and perfect dashboard in the driving area is perfectly adjusted to provide an excellent hands-on driving experience. The driver seat is comfortable; that’s why drivers feel relax while driving these cabs.

The unique DriverStar driver information center at the dashboard informs about air systems, alarm, vehicle settings, multi-trip odometer, and clock. The Start Gauge System from Electronic stopper motors is there to provide accuracy, robust performance, and accuracy.

The interior design offers plenty of space to provide you the highest level of comfort during driving. The driving seats are adjustable; therefore, drivers can quickly fix them at the best location. The manufacturer adds telescoping two spoke steering wheels along with perfect tilt. Further, steering wheels contain leather and wood grain to ensure that steering wheels never slip due to sweat.

Amazingly, these trucks contain a lot of space with rest during week-long tiring trips. The luxury interior includes several necessary appliances such as a radio/CD sound system, premium quality mattress, automatic temperature control, and a refrigerator.

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