Peterbilt 330 For Sale in Canada

Peterbilt 330 For Sale in Canada

At International Machinery, we can help you find a Peterbilt 330 for sale in Canada that can fit all your business needs. Whether if it’s for transport or heavy-duty use, we have inventory units that can serve your fleet.
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Peterbilt 330 For Sale in Canada

Peterbilt 330 for sale in Canada

The Peterbilt 330 for sale in Canada comes with a versatile and traditional cab configuration. These trucks appear more like conventional Peterbilt trucks but contain exceptional features. These trucks rank among the medium-duty class 6 vehicles. Like other durable trucks from Peterbilt, these trucks offer durable engines and versatile configurations.

These trucks are perfect for pickups, delivery, wrecker, refrigerated van, and utility configuration. The 330 model also features hybrid technology for offering lower emissions and higher fuel efficiency. Peterbilt 330 for sale in Canada feature Eaton’s Hydraulic Launch Assist, just like the one used in 320 models.

International Machinery offers affordable trucks with powerful features. Visit our inventory of Peterbilt 330 for sale in Canada.

Peterbilt 330 units come packed with exceptional and tremendous features, therefore, it’s an ideal truck for most drivers. These are also termed as economic trucks as they save a lot on fuel expenses. If you’re looking for a reliable, durable, unit with exceptional performance then Peterbilt 330 must be your first choice.

Peterbilt 330 Design:

The Peterbilt 330’s design is remarkable and looks more like traditional designs introduced in older versions. The aerodynamic design of the 330 models allows it to reduce fuel consumption and offer more power.

The design includes a raked bonnet, rounded front bumper, aerodynamically styled door mirrors, and round oversized wheel arches.  The slippery shape makes the aerodynamic design more unique and compelling, unlike other trucks at the same price. The sun visors, grille, and bumper add value to the classical design of Peterbilt 330 for sale in Canada.

Most importantly, the design hints about the durability of this medium-duty truck. This means the truck can last longer and help you in doing your vocational work efficiently. The front part of Peterbilt 330 for sale features a fantastic radiator grille built from high quality chromed material to ensure the Engine remains cool.

Moreover, the front side also contains two lateral air intakes just above wheel archers for perfect ventilation. The best part about this truck is that the 90 degrees tilted hood ensures serviceability and easy access.  The locking device prevents unintentional closure.

Peterbilt 330 – Cummins ISX Engine:

The Peterbilt 330 for sale in Canada features one of the best quality and powerful engines. The powerful Cummins ISX engine produces high power at low fuel. This means you can save a lot of money that you spend on fuel. Besides offering good fuel efficiency, these trucks provide reliable performance as compared to other heavy-duty trucks in the market.

Concerning performance, the Peterbilt 330 is made from high-quality but lightweight material. The lightweight material makes this truck economical. In a nutshell, everything from material to internal functions works to make this truck more economical. With this truck in your garage, you can have a couple of benefits such as increased uptime, higher resale value, longer service intervals, and low operating cost.

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